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The recognized industry standard for measuring consumer appeal of personalities, characters, licensed properties, programs and brands.
To request a quote for a data purchase or inquire about our database for characters and licensed properties, please take a moment to review the basics of our approach. To see an example of a demographic profile report, click here. To see an example of a target consumer ranking report, click here.

Our unique TVQ and Cable Q databases contain over 25,000 programs with decades of available trend data.

TVQ covers all regularly scheduled broadcast network programs in prime time, early morning, late night and news as well as syndicated programs -- providing full coverage of the fall premieres and seasonal schedule changes.

Cable Q covers all major scripted and non-scripted series originally produced for cable in all day parts as well as many off-network series re-purposed across various cable networks, and provides full coverage of the varying premieres and seasonal schedule changes associated with over 40 cable networks.

Both studies are fielded four times per year among nationally representative samples of teen and adult television viewers providing demographic profile reports and key target viewer rankings which enable clients to make informed decisions about a program’s inherent appeal, potential audience wear-out or growth, its ability to emotionally connect with key viewer segments, and its value as an advertising vehicle. Our enhanced audience metrics, Impact Q and Emotional Bonding Q, measure the current strength of core viewer satisfaction levels and the intensity of commitment to watch future episodes.

Additionally, in view of the growing U.S. Hispanic population, both studies now include expanded coverage of the Hispanic television networks with samples of Spanish-dominant, English-dominant and bi-lingual Hispanic TV viewers.

In our QScores databases
  Performer Q for living personalities
  Character Q for characters and licensed properties
  Sports Q for all types of sports personalities and sports
  Dead Q for deceased personalities
  Brand Attachment Q for consumer equity among adult 18+
  Kids and Moms Brand Q to see if their perceptions agree
  Hispanic Performer Q for personality appeal among U.S. Hisponic consumers
  TVQ/Cable Q for viewer loyalty and commitment to programs and networks
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Q Scores Insights
Our various Q Scores services provide a robust and high quality resource for helping our clients find the most compatible personalities to serve as influencers, ambassadors and advocates for their brands.  

In order to maintain the industry’s most comprehensive coverage of available media and entertainment platforms, we have increased our efforts for tracking personalities in the growing categories of streaming video (Netflix, Amazon, hulu, etc.) and social media (YouTube, Vine, etc.). Current consumer awareness and appeal is profiled across a variety of demographic segments (age, gender, race, ethnicity, region, income, etc.) as well as among network viewers and social media users.

Our custom designed Spokesperson Evaluation studies is an additional and more in-depth approach for finding the personality with the “right fit” for a brand based on consumer appeal, image, believability and appropriateness.  

For more details, click on any of the following services: Performer Q, Sports Q, Hispanic Q, Dead Q, Spokesperson Evaluations.

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